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Employment FAQS

A majority of YPSS positions are what we call Retail Associates. We also have positions available for accounting clerks and automotive technicians.

employment faqs
  • (Q) Who are we?
  • (A) Yellowstone Park Service Stations, Inc. (YPSS) is an authorized concessioner operating the automotive service and convenience/fuel facilities within Yellowstone National Park.

  • (Q) What kind of jobs are available?
  • (A) Majority of our positions are what we call Retail Associates. Management is typically promoted from within. We also have positions available for accounting clerks and automotive technicians.

  • (Q) What are some of the job requirements?
  • (A) All applicants must be 18 years years of age or older and have one year of post high school experience or college along with possessing a valid Social Security Number and a legal right to work in the U.S. Some positions require a valid drivers license, which will require a motor vehicle record check. All positions involve lifting and standing for long periods of time.

  • (Q) Do you accept International Applicants?
  • (A) YPSS currently does NOT accept international applications with a J-1 visa or sponsorship. All international applicants will need to contact a respective sponsorship agency about other employment opportunities in Yellowstone National Park. International applications will not be accepted nor responded to.

  • (Q) Where do I live and eat in Yellowstone National Park?
  • (A) YPSS has smoke-free dormitory facilities at locations of employment. $3.25 per day for room is deducted via a payroll deduction. Utilities such as electric, heat, water and sewer are included in this figure. An employee cafeteria is also available for meals. This is also deducted via a payroll deduction for $11.50 per day. A limited number of trailer sites are available for individuals utilizing a RV or motorhome. RV site rental is $10.50 per day plus electricity.

  • (Q) How many days off do I get?
  • (A) Using a 5 day work week, the average number of hours is 40 per week. Team members can usually get two days off a week to experience Yellowstone.

  • (Q) What do I do on my days off?
  • (A) The chance to be a resident in Yellowstone National Park is a tremendous opportunity to experience nature firsthand. Yellowstone is a diverse place that offers countless outdoor opportunities. Some options are, but not limited to, observing wildlife, hiking, backpacking, fishing, camping, photography or participating in the Yellowstone Employee CO-OP Recreation Program.

  • (Q) Compensation
  • (A) Entry level pay rate for 2018 is $10.00. In addition, a location operations bonus is payable to retail associates who satisfactorily complete the terms of the employment agreement. For details, please contact us. Compensation increases respectively for other positions such as automotive technicians, accounting clerks and management.

  • (Q) How do I apply?
  • (A) Click here to complete an online application form. Contact us if questions arise.

  • (Q) Any hints on filling out an application?
  • (A) Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Therefore a complete application is required. This includes postal mailing address for work and personal references. Individuals with longer dates of availability increase their respective chances for possible employment.YPSS will check references so please make sure the information such as addresses are complete and accurate.

  • (Q) How do I know if I got a position?
  • (A) YPSS will contact every applicant (by email, postal mail or phone) who has filled out an application as to their respective status of employment.

  • (Q) Where do I go to find out more detailed information?
  • (A) More detailed information can be found on our web site. It is highly recommended that every applicant thoroughly read the employment information.

  • (Q) Who do I contact with questions?
  • (A) YPSS can be contacted at:
    PO BOX 11, Gardiner, MT 59030
    Phone: 406-848-7333
    website: www.ypss.com