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Other than getting to live in Yellowstone, YPSS employees get many perks, including free wi-fi and discounts on Park merchandise.

requirements for employment

The majority of our summer business occurs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. However, we have positions available from mid-April thru early November. Longer dates of availability will significantly increase your chances for employment. It is vital that we be able to rely upon the starting and ending dates provided on the application. Please research the upcoming calendar to provide accurate arrival/departure dates.

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. One year of college, training, or work experience beyond the high school level is also a prerequisite.

All of our jobs require standing for extended periods of time and lifting/loading heavy items. Our service locations in Yellowstone are located 6,000-8,000 feet above sea level.

Jewelry policy allows one piercing in each ear. No visible rings or studs in otherpierced body parts. For safety purposes, no jewelry/piercings are allowed in our automotive technician positions.

YPSS enforces the following grooming policy. For men: no beards (clean shaven daily); mustaches are allowed if they do not drop below or beyond lip line; hair must be trimmed and above the collar with the sideburns not below the ear lobe.

Positive identification and employment eligibility is mandatory upon check-in. The required method of identification will be provided along with an employment offer.

All persons employed by YPSS will receive an Employment Agreement stating position, rate of pay, starting and ending dates, and other conditions of employment.

Compliance with regulations of YPSS and the National Park Service is required of all employees, both on and off duty. Possession or use of drugs, excessive use of alcoholic beverages, and vulgar or boisterous conduct are prohibited and are grounds for discharge. Employees may be subject to random and/or reasonable cause drug and alcohol testing. Employees are expected to be considerate of others and comply with all rules in dormitories and dining rooms. Refusal to comply may be cause for dismissal.

If the employee does not comply with job requirements, company policy, and/or performance reviews, YPSS reserves the right, without obligation on its part, to discharge or change the position of such employee. YPSS also reserves the right to lay-off the employee should business conditions warrant.

We require of all employees a spirit of helpfulness, courtesy, and hospitality toward Park visitors without regard to the race, religion, color, age, sex, veteran status, national origin or handicap of the visitors. Employees who do not live up to this requirement are subject to discharge.

It should also be noted that, since employment is within a Federal Reservation, any act of dishonesty or any other crimes or misdemeanors are Federal Offenses. Therefore, investigation of such matters is handled by Federal Law Enforcement Officers and any legal actions are brought in the U.S. district court.